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Melbourne moving house guide

When we think of moving house, we think of what kind of hire truck we need. How big does the rental truck need to be to fit everything in. Where should I hire the truck from and will I be able to drive it?

Before you even think of hiring a truck the first thing you need to do is write down and measure all your large items that you will be moving, including, couches, dining tables, fridges, washing machines etc. Once you have a fair idea of how many large items you have then you will be able to work out how large the hire truck is going to need to be in order to move all of your items.

Is the new home close by? If so then perhaps we can use a smaller rental truck to make as many trips as we need to the new home. Is the new home far away? If so then obviously looking at hiring a large truck would be more beneficial.

The best idea is to try and fit as many of the larger items in as you can in the first trip. Obviously with your rental truck you can make as many trips as you need to get everything across to your new home, however if you think and plan ahead you will be surprised at how much you can fit in your rental truck in just a few trips.

The best idea is to take as many heavy things as you can together and then the smaller and lighter items in the next trip. This reduces the chance of things breaking and also if you keep your list of everything to be moved there is less chance of anything going missing or being left behind.

If you are planning on renting a truck in Melbourne you also need to be aware of what size truck you are able to drive on the license that you carry. Check with Vic Roads or ask one of our friendly team members who can assist you.

When going through all of your smaller items (clothes, toys, books, knick knacks) be sure to really think about each item. Have you used this item recently? Will you use this item again? Does it have sentimental value? If you answer no to all of these 3 questions then chances are these items might find pride of place in someone else’s home. You could drop them at a charity or give them out to friends and family.

With anything delicate, breakable or anything with sentimental value, be sure to keep a list of it all. It might be best to move these separately or at least wrap each individual item and box them in sturdy cardboard boxes and keep them away from anything heavy. You don’t want to ruin such an exciting day with the disappointment at losing your favourite childhood teddy bear!

So if you are planning on moving house, keep the below tips in mind.

  • Plan and map out the best way to get to your new home and make sure to give these directions to any friends and family that are assisting you with the move.
  • Wrap breakables in bubble wrap and clothing to keep them safe
  • Make a list of all your important items so that you make sure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • Make sure to pack heavy items into small boxes so that you don’t hurt yourself when you are lifting them.
  • Keep items such as, medication, perishable foods, pet food, and something to keep any small ones entertained together, these should go with you on your first trip so that you remember exactly where they are for after everything has been moved.
  • Remember for any Melbourne truck hire needs contact our friendly staff on 1300 22 78 78.