Melbourne car hire guide

There are many reasons you might want to hire a car in Melbourne. Sometimes you might be travelling to Melbourne from a different state and want an easy way to get around without having to pay for expensive taxis or having to rely on public transport. Other times you may be travelling from overseas and you want to spend a bit of time diving deep into the culture in Melbourne and perhaps go on a drive out to the more regional areas. Either way, driving a car in a new state or country can be a fairly overwhelming experience even if you have plenty of years driving experience under your belt. Thats why we’ve put together this guide with a few tips and tricks to help you manage.

Melbourne car hire – required licences

In order to hire a car in Melbourne you will need to have a full drivers licence, most reputable rental companies, including Crown Rentals are unable to accept probationary or learners permits when hiring a car. If you are travelling from overseas, make sure you have your local drivers licence and an International Licence to legally be able to drive in Melbourne.

Driving in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is a relatively small city compared to other cities around the world and is laid out nicely in a gird. This makes finding your way around the CBD very easy however if driving, it is important you understand how to share the road with cyclists, pedestrians and trams. Read up the on Vicroads website to help find out about the relevant road rules. One of the more unique features of driving in Melbourne CBD is the hook turn. Intersections where hook turns are required will be clearly marked in the Melbourne CBD, when doing a hook turn, stay as far to the left side of the intersection as possible until the lights turn red before making your way across the intersection to turn right.


Some of the most convenient roads in Melbourne require tolls be paid. Melbourne car hire companies will forward on any tolls that are charged to the vehicle while you are renting it however there is normally an administration fee charged to collect the charges from you. If you know you will be driving on roads will tolls, it may be beneficial to purchase a day pass by visiting the Citylink website.

Speed Cameras

Right across Melbourne there are are a large number of fixed Speed and Red Light Cameras. There are also mobile speed cameras that can be found right across the state. It is important that you are always keeping a close eye on your speed to ensure that you are not breaking the law by speeding and that you obey all road signs. Fines for speeding are designed to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe and can leave a fairly significant hole in your hip pocket if you are flashed so make sure you are always watching the road and keeping an eye on your speed.

Be Safe, Have Fun

Remember, hiring a car can be a cost effective way to get around town if you are visiting for a day or a month. Crown rentals offers great rates on small, medium and large car hire. The most important thing while here is to be respectful of the local driving laws, be courteous when sharing the road with cyclists and most of all have fun. Have the experience in Melbourne that only having the freedom of your own vehicle can bring you.